Shiko's First Letter to Daddy

Yesterday, our Couples' Discipleship Group had an advance Father's Day celebration. We were asked to prepare a surprise message for the Dads/Husbands of our families. Sharing with you Shiko's letter to Mike which we read to him during the event. (Of course I was the one who actually wrote it, but this is based on what I've observed between their relationship as Father and Son). =)

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for sun bathing with me in the morning. Thank you for cleaning my high chair after my messy meals. Thank you for the everyday ba-bath. Thank you for the play time and the tickles. Thank you for not getting tired of singing "White Christmas" and for always letting me sleep in your chest. Thank you for cooking so mommy will have milk to feed me. Thank you for labada my little clothes. 

Thank you for working hard so you can buy my diaper and other needs. Thank you for the extra minutes of yakap kahit need mo na umalis for work. Thank you for always choosing to be with me and mommy as much as you can.

I look at you when you raise your hands and shout everytime the Golden State Warriors wins... I look at you when you raise your hands, and cry out to Jesus every Sunday morning. You might not always notice, but even if I am still a baby, I am already looking up at you.

Daddy, thank you for being strong during the hard times, and thank you for choosing to grow so you can be a good role model for me. Daddy, whatever the world tells you, please remember that for me and Mommy, YOU ARE THE BEST! 

I'm excited to have more adventures with you when I grow up.. 
I know that you will also teach me to love Jesus the way you do. 

I love you and I thank God that you are my Daddy! 

Baby Shiko

Mike wept a bit :)
Our Couples Dgroup in CCF
It was also heart-warming to hear other families' tribute messages to their Dads. Indeed, these Fathers deserve such appreciation for all their hard work to lead, love, and provide for their families despite the challenges that they face everyday. So thankful for family events like these! 

Advance HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the great and amazing Dads out there!