Two Thousand Gifts

Few months ago, due to the influence of my #shereadstruth sisters, I became so interested in the book "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. From time to time, my husband grants me with a book from my reading wishlist. I was so excited the day when we were supposed to buy the book. To my frustration, we were not able to find the book in the four major bookstores that we went to. One of the attendants told me that they are no longer ordering stocks of this book. I felt really sad, but I knew that God has a perfect plan, so I just let go and prayed to Him to grant me with the book if it is His will for me to read it.

I was so happy when the Lord answered my prayer in less than 2 days after that prayer. Amy, a lovely #shereadstruth sister from the other side of the world (we just knew each other online) sent me a message telling me that she wants to send me a copy of this book as a gift! I was so overwhlemed because then I understood why I was having a hard time finding the book in my country -- The Lord did not want me to buy it, He wanted to give it to me as a gift.

One day later, another #shereadstruth sweet sister, Angie sent me an email telling me that she also wants to send me a copy of this book! I told her that as much as I loved to, I felt that it might be a bit too much for me to say yes to her when I already said yes to Amy. She told me that if anything changes and I still need a copy, I can email her anytime.

After Amy sent the package, it was waiting time. In my previous post I wrote about an unexpected package which I thought was the one from Amy, it was a Jesus Calling Devotional sent by another sister (God's provision and surprises are blowing my mind away!) I waited for more than a month, I found God's way of teaching me to be patient to be really, really sweet! He knows it's always been my weakness! I tracked the package online almost everyday and even called the post office frequently. That's just me, always in a hurry!

But God's timing is always perfect! After weeks of studying the "Giving Thanks" devotional in SRT and Jesus Calling, the package arrived at the post office and I received a notification card that it was ready for pick up.

This morning, when husband and I picked up the package, it was such a sweet surprise! Amy sent me two copies of the book! I meant to send her a message to ask her what made her decide to send me two copies. Then I suddenly remembered Angie, who also wanted to send me a copy of the book (that time Amy has not sent the package yet). Then I thought, maybe the Lord really wanted me to receive two copies, that when I did not say yes to Angie's offer, the Lord touched Amy's heart to send me two copies instead!

It's amazing to think, that God's will and plan will push through no matter what! I am now praying and asking the Lord to reveal to me to whom He wants me to give this extra copy. I know He has prepared it for someone, (I already have a few people in mind, I'm just waiting for God's confirmation) and I know that that person will feel very special the moment I tell her what the Lord has done to give this book to her.

Thank you sisters Amy and Angie for being used by God as an instrument to make me feel His love! I'm so excited to start writing my One Thousand Gifts! Thank you Lord for your wonderful and amazing ways! To You alone be all the Glory, Honor, and Praise! ♥