Our Nagsasa Cove Experience

The rainy season has already began, and I know that this blog post is one month late, but I don't want the summer season to end without me sharing this beautiful place that my family went to last summer.

Ever since I've been to Anawangin Cove with some friends way back 2009, I've always wanted to bring my family there so they may also see the marvelous creation of God in that place. As I was browsing some blogs, I've discovered this neighbor cove of Anawangin, named: Nagsasa Cove. Fortunately, a close friend of mine has just opened her travel and tour business so I decided to let her organize the trip for us. You can check her facebook page for very affordable travel packages. :)

There were 18 of us plus a whole bunch of cooking and camping paraphernalia so we needed two vans. The vans that my friend arranged for us picked us up at 2am on May 16, 2014. Our goal was to reach the shore of Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales just in time for sunrise so we can arrive and enjoy the cove early in the morning. It was only an overnight stay so we wanted to maximize all the time that have. After some 4-hour drive via NLEX, we arrived at Pundaquit shore just right on schedule.  The boat ride from Pundaquit shore going to Nagsasa took almost an hour, but there was no dull moment, the breathtaking view of the mountains and rock formations were amazing!

As soon as we set our foot on the cove, we knew, it was going to be a fun-filled family bonding! But more than that, it was the 360 degree beauty, majesty, and God's glory that captured my heart! It's true, when you are in a place like this, everything goes back to its proper place -- a tiny, fragile me, awestruck by the vastness of God's marvelous creation! Everything else in my life seemed blur, the chaos of the busy life that we left in the city. In this place, God is magnified. All I can see is Him everywhere I turn my eyes!

Click the pictures so you can appreciate more.

And... Moments with the family... It's. Priceless.

Few weeks earlier, I asked the Lord to not let this be an ordinary family outing for me... but I asked Him to meet me there... and He did. He spoke to every part of my soul why I was there.

Here's a video clip of our short stay at Nagsasa Cove.