Soaking in His Love

Earlier today, a friend of mine whom I haven't spoken with for quite a while sent me a text message asking me how I've been doing. My reply to her was... "I'm great! I'm soaking in His Love!" I smiled right after I hit the send button. But really, those words describe exactly how I feel, and this post is just a short update of what has been going on with my life right now! :)

Last week, I decided to take a break from my #SheReadsTruth morning devotions. I realized that being online during my morning quiet time has not been helping me connect with the Lord lately. There's no problem with the SRT Studies, they're great! And they have helped me so much in my walk with the Lord! The problem is with me, I get so distracted knowing that Facebook is just a click away while I am doing my quiet time. Talk about social media addiction! I hate to admit it, and I know I had to do something about it!

I found a reading plan that I can do even when I'm offline. Right now, I'm currently following the You Are Loved Bible Study Plan by GoodMorningGirls. I printed out their reading plan, study guide, and some of their devotional stuffs, and there! I found a way to do my daily devo and journaling without having to go online! I'm currently on my second week, and I am really enjoying it! This study has made me understand God's Love more! I shudder hearing the God of the universe call me: Precious! Honored! Loved! His love brings me so much comfort and security! I'm glad the Lord led me to this study! :)

One of my Journal Entries from last week!
So what else has been happening to me lately? Well, in the beginning of this year, the Lord gave me promises through His Word. Mike and I have held on them, though I must admit that at first, they sounded too good to be true to me -- but the Lord confirmed to me that I've heard Him right. There were also some occasions when I was tempted to doubt if they would ever come to pass... but then again, when the Lord speaks, He would always quiet my fear and doubt.

His promises to us this year... I have a strong feeling that it's about to happen! Actually, Mike and I feel that it's beginning to happen! I'm thrilled! Excited to witness how the Lord will move! Excited to see His miracles! (I hope one day I can write the whole story in this blog!) But in the mean time, while I sit at the front row, watching and waiting to see how He unfolds the next chapter of our lives... I will just be still, quiet and continue Soaking in His Love...

His most recent Word to me. I had to post it on my wall because
my mind is sometimes so stubborn to believe and I have to be reminded daily! :)