Precious Princesses

Two months ago, I had the chance to speak with a good friend and a sister in Christ. Her long term relationship with her boyfriend just ended, and she was left broken and devastated. She uttered the questions, "What have I done wrong?" ... "What have I not done?" ... "Why?".. as tears kept falling from her eyes. I could feel her agonizing pain as I watched and listened to her through the screen of my laptop. Her dream of someday getting married and growing old with him, the very reason why she was sacrificing to work in the Middle East, her hopes and future plans for both of them... crumbled -- just like that.

From the very first word that she uttered, I immediately understood what she was going through. Heartbreaks. With a sentimental heart, my mind time traveled to those years when I, too, have experienced many of those heartbreaks. We, girls... we do crazy things when we fall in love. Revolving our whole world around that person, isolating ourselves from our friends, building our hopes, dreams, and future plans with him.... We all know what we can do, and how far we would go for that one special guy who has captured our hearts. Then, at some point, we find out that our fairy tale isn't going to be as close to our reality. We've been cheated on, we've been lied to, we've been betrayed.... we've been asked to wait for nothing, we've been given broken promises... and if you are just like me in the past... we have given second, third, fourth, and countless chances to that person, hoping that someday he would change... because it's easier to be cheated on and to be betrayed over and over again than to find the courage to let go and  to start living the life without that person... We hold on, fighting for that little space in that person's life... We hold on despite the tears on our pillows at night. We hold on and try not to tell anyone of what's really happening because we don't want his image to be ruined... We hold on because we are hoping that our fairy tale will still come true, that someday, our prince charming will treat us the way we have always wanted to be treated --- like a Princess.

Every girl, (no matter how tough or independent she may look like on the outside), there is always something inside her that longs to be treated like a Princess. To be loved, honored, adored, protected, treated with utmost care... to feel special and to be someone's apple of the eye. I believe that God designed us that way, because that is the way that He loves us! We've been running around trying to get that kind of love and affection, jumping from one relationship to another ending up getting disappointed over and over again... but the Truth is, we will never find it elsewhere! 

Dear sisters, You and I are God's Precious Princesses! I was blown away when I realized this. While I kept on running after someone else's heart, God has been chasing after mine all along! He was there collecting every drop of my tears in His bottle... He was there, with His heart also broken from seeing me, His Precious Princess, allowing those guys to hurt me, to break my heart, while there He was... waiting to be noticed, waiting for me to give Him the chance to make me feel the kind of love that I have always sought for... He was there, telling me to stop building my castles in the sand... stop dreaming of that fairy tale... because the reality is, He has prepared an Everlasting Kingdom for me... He died on the Cross to make sure that I will be with Him in that Kingdom, that's how much He loves me... He was there, telling me to stop chasing love from people who will eventually disappoint me and will leave me broken and devastated, because the Truth is... I am already Loved... Sisters, We are Loved with an Everlasting Love! 

"I have loved you.. with an everlasting love. 
With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself." 
- Jeremiah 31:3

Long before I had the desire to know Him, long before I have learned to love Him, long before I started making reasonable decisions in my life... Long before I was born... He already loved me. He longs to make me feel honored, adored... He longs to protect me, with utmost care... because I am special to Him, sisters... if a guy doesn't make you feel worthy or special right now, I want to let you know today that You Are Special to God... He has written your name on the palm of His hands... You are His Precious Princess.

I will never forget this dream I had in 2010. The very first time that Jesus appeared to me in a dream. It was the time when I just had the courage to let go of a 6-year relationship and it was only a few weeks after I have surrendered my life to Him and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. In my dream, He was embracing me tightly as we were floating in the air... as if He was telling me, "Finally... You are home, your heart is safe with me now... my Precious Princess..."

I found this picture which vividly resonates what I saw in my dream that night.

Two weeks ago, I was able to talk with my friend again. I could see the glow in her eyes as she tearfully shared to me how the love of Jesus comforted her during the last 100 days. The same girl who was broken and devastated two months ago, is the same girl who is now filled with joy, telling me that she couldn't ask for anything more, telling me that she is waiting... happily waiting for whoever God wants for her. She is no longer begging for that piece of love, because God's overflowing love has consumed her! God brought her to the desert, so He can speak tenderly to her... so He can be her first love once again.

"But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there... She will give herself to me there as she did long ago when she was young, when I freed her from her captivity in Egypt." 
- Hosea 2:14-15

After almost a decade of heartbreaks, and now, four years of blissful marriage, this is what I realized... Heartbreaks are actually God's Grace... His Grace leading us to Him, and leading us to the right person, that He wants for us. This is why I thank God for my heartbreaks.

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