A New Heart Song

Sometime last year, I wrote this on my journal:

My Life Mission: To live for God's glory, letting the light of Jesus shine through my life. To let my flame be a way to lead people to Christ; To help others light up their own flames, so they can also lead others to Christ.

My Life Vision: To see the light of Jesus shining in this dark world through the burning flames of the lives transformed by the power of the Gospel; To one day see a multitude of people in Heaven who found their way to God through my flame (by His grace).

This afternoon was my once a week Skypleship session with my friend Jhen who's in the Middle East. It was the first session of our  "Lies Women Believe" book study. I wasn't feeling really okay. I've had some personal struggles and I was tempted to cancel our session so I can just have some alone time. An hour before we started, I prayed and admitted my struggle to God. I asked Him to fill me with His Holy Spirit and acknowledged that I couldn't do it on my own. By His grace, we pursued with our online session and it was a success. Jhen and I were both blessed by everything that we've learned from the Word of God.

God has given me different songs to sing in every season of my life. He knows how much I love music, and He always uses it to connect to my heart... He is such a very personal God.. Tonight, He has given me a new song once again! I couldn't help but cry as I heard this song on K-Love for the very first time! I felt Him speaking to my heart, telling me that He sees me... He sees my struggles, and He sees my heart that longs to obey Him despite my weaknesses, my trials, and my mistakes... 

Tonight, He reassured me of His love for me through this song:

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♩ ♫ ♪ I love you more than the sun, and the stars that I taught how to shine, You are mine, and YOU SHINE FOR ME TOO! I love you yesterday and today, and tomorrow, I'll say it again and again... I love you more! And I see you ... And I made you... And I love you more than you can imagine... More than you can fathom... I love you more than the sun.... And you shine for Me... ♩ ♫ ♪