A Perfect Day Retreat 2015

It's been more than a week since #APerfectDayRetreat2015. This was the very first time that our discipleship group coordinated an Encounter 1 Retreat, and I am writing this post to document how I have experienced God's presence in every single detail of this event.

  • Right after Mike and I committed to organize this retreat earlier this year, we've experienced the toughest spiritual battle (so far) in our marriage which took me to the point of wanting to quit serving God. But through all of it, God taught me to be brave. He gave me songs to sing and Scriptures in my heart to hold on to as He fought the battle for us.

  • God touched the hearts of people to donate Bibles and sponsor participants. Friends and online sisters from all over the world also supported us in prayer. Their prayers were felt during the entire time that we were preparing for the retreat and even during the event itself.

  • God gave each member of our team a burning passion to serve and give our best in the roles assigned to us. As we prayed, He gave the wisdom and creativity to every design. Ellie, Kat, Con, Diane, Charie and I were so amazed by how everything turned out.

  • Daddy being present before the retreat and during the second day to help us out. It brought me joy to see him there supporting us. Also, Mama cooked the packed lunch on the second day.  :)

  • God gave the confidence and words to every speaker and facilitator. He opened the hearts of the participants and  filled everyone with His Holy Spirit.

  • Jerald, Jaime, and Jamie blessed us with their presence. They inspired us with their passion to serve God in their own ways. 

  • A food staff from the venue was preparing our afternoon snack while Mike was delivering the message about Sin and Cross. After his message, this staff approached him and shared how he was able to relate to his testimony about his sinful past, and how he felt God speaking to him, calling him to return to Him through Mike's message. Mike prayed with him to recommit his life to the Lord. 

  • God answered our prayer for a good weather. A staff from the venue informed us that it was impossible for us to put up a bonfire because it had been raining every night during the last few weeks before the retreat. But NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD! That night, it didn't rain during the bonfire, the rain heavily poured while everyone of us were already asleep. It created a beautiful foggy view of the mountains the next morning. :)

  • A week before the retreat, Charie, Clarence, and I who were going to lead the worship on the second day all got sick of cough and colds. God used this to remind us that our gifts and passion to sing all came from Him and He can take it away anytime. He did this to teach us to be humble and to rely on Him. Worship is never about ourselves, it's should always ONLY be about GOD!

  • This was my favorite display of God's glory:  Almost all of the participants surrendered their lives to Jesus and publicly declared and committed to follow Him for the rest of their lives through Baptism. The sun was brightly shining during that Sunday morning. As Pastor Leo was speaking to the participants who wished to be baptized, I remembered him saying this, "Take this ceremony seriously, because this is a commitment you are making to God. God honors our commitment to Him." Just as the first person to be baptized was coming down to the pool, it suddenly rained! And right after the baptism ceremony ended, the rain stopped! I was astonished! God indeed wanted us to know that He was honoring the vows that these participants made before Him!

  • Before we all went home, Jerald and Jaime came to Mike and I to ask if they could pray for us. As they were praying and laying their hands on us, my tears fell as they shared something that God impressed upon their hearts, a vision that confirmed a promise that God gave me a few years ago. I knew that it was the Lord speaking to me through them, re-assuring me that He haven't forgotten His promise. My heart was filled with joy!
We all went home in awe with God's glory, amazed by how the Lord can use the simple obedience of undeserving people like us to make an impact to His eternal Kingdom! It was such a humble privilege to serve the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords!

To Him alone be ALL the Honor, Glory, and Praise!!!

#APerfectDayRetreat2015 AVP

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  1. Wow!! This is awesome!! Praise God!! I used to be youth leader in our church before my marriage. Had this burning zeal for children and youth ministry! i pray God can use us now


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