The Year of the Fight (Wrapping Up 2016)

I know this post is already long overdue, but I couldn't officially start my 2017 without wrapping up 2016. I create a year end video every year because I am a life documenter, and I always love looking back to these videos year after year tracing the hand of God in every season of our lives. This time, it took me quite a while to finish it, because unlike the previous years, I now have to find the time to sit on my laptop in between breastfeeding, diaper changing, and rocking my little Shiko to sleep. Finally finishing this video means that I am starting to get a hold of my new season as a Mom! Yay! :)

My one word for 2016 was FIGHT. I was intimidated when the LORD impressed this word upon my heart last year. Looking back, it all makes sense why for many years, God has been teaching me what it means to believe and stand upon His Word, His promises. I  embraced my one word, and asked Mike to be with me in this journey. Together, we have decided that 2016 will be the year when we will both "FIGHT the good fight of faith." (1 Timothy 6:12), and claim the promises that God has given us.

In the book Believing God by Beth Moore, she mentioned that if you are a follower of Jesus, and you are not experiencing the "Promised Land" life, then it is possible that the enemy is occupying that territory, and you need to fight in prayer and faith to conquer what God has declared to be yours already. At the beginning of 2016, I posted this on my prayer wall as a reminder to me every time my faith is shaking and I'm loosing my passion to pray. It never fails to empower me to go back to the battlefield with my Shield of Faith on one hand, and Sword of the Spirit (God's Word) on the other.

It was indeed the year of the fight for us. The battle between faith versus fear, faith versus doubt, and faith versus unbelief. In the end, I realized that my job in the fight is to believe and stand upon God's promises. The rest is up to God. Ultimately, He is the One fighting for us. Our 2016 ended with a piece of our Promised Land conquered in faith. There is still a huge land yet to be conquered, and our fight doesn't end in 2016, we will continue believing, we will continue praying, we will continue fighting in Jesus Name until every promise of the LORD to us is fulfilled.

Our sincerest gratitude to everyone who fought the battle with us in 2016! 
Excited to share our 2017 journey with you all! 
Enjoy watching! All the glory belongs to Jesus alone!