Sweep Me Away

Last week, a friend of mine came to visit me. She is not just a very close friend, but a sister in Christ. We've shared lots of laughters and tears together, we prayed over our struggles and celebrated triumphs in our many years of walking with the Lord.

She was on fire as she was sharing to me her breakthroughs and how God has been leading her to a new season of her life. I wept as she shared to me how the Lord clearly speaks to her through His Word during her quiet moments with Him and how He keeps on blowing Him away with His presence moment by moment. I was so blessed by her stories that I couldn't help but weep. I wept because I was so happy for her.... I wept because I miss the Lord.

I entered this new season of motherhood and my life has changed. I am happy taking care of my baby, but I haven't been spending time with God like I used to. Lately, I've been sensing this feeling of emptiness. I've been longing for more of God, but I kept on ignoring His gentle nudge and instead, I kept myself busy with other stuffs, wasting too many hours on social media and reading articles on the internet. I neglected my time with Him until somehow I got used to it and can't seem to find my way back anymore. I miss my Lord. I miss hearing Him so loudly. I miss bursting in tears as His presence overwhelms me.

Tonight, as I was listening to the song "Sweep Me Away" by Kari Jobe, finally, I felt the presence of God once again.This is His message to me:

My Precious Misce,

Do you still remember those days when you were still young in your relationship with me? When you were just starting to fall in love with me? Recall those days when you were alone in your room, and you always look forward to spending those afternoons sitting at my feet with your pen and notebook, ready to write everything You hear from Me. How you burst in tears as you learn new things about me, and as I sweep you away with my love.... nothing else mattered, but only My love for you... even in the midst of your longings and unfulfilled dreams, you were satisfied because you have me and you were so filled with My love. I miss you my daughter... and I know that you miss me too... but you are not able to hear or feel my presence like before... because my daughter, I don't compete... you won't hear or feel me like before until I become the only desire of your heart once again...  I want your heart to be completely mine again, just like those days when you were still young in your faith in Me. 

No matter where you go, and how far you try to wander away from me, I am just here. I never left and would never leave our secret meeting place. You know where to find me. Look at you... you've come a long way... and as I see you holding your precious Shiko in your arms, I want you to know that I'm proud of you... of how you have been mothering him... I'm proud of who you have become... 

Remember how I promised to guide you through the unknown roads? How I promised to set you free from your fears as you trust in me? It's been a great journey, isn't it? ... Now, return to me because I have more in store for you... you've been trying to wander away from me for too long... I love you, and I can't let you. Nothing's changed. You are still my precious princess, whom I have loved with an everlasting love. I'm always waiting.

- God

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  1. I love you Up Misce for being real and true. I love you so much. Seeing you and Shiko really gives me so much assurance that my prayers will too be answered. But praying also now that those answered prayers one day will never replace who He is in my life...

    Thank you for this. What a reminder from the Lord. Huggggg. ������


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