Steady My Heart

It's one of those days when I just feel tired and drained with a lot of things that are happening around me. A lot of stuffs just seem tangled, and I don't know what I need to do to fix them (or if I should keep my hands off and just don't do anything about it).

Contrary to what most people think, being a Christian doesn't mean that everything goes well all the time. It's actually the opposite. Our Senior Pastor often says, "Being a Christian is not hard... it is IMPOSSIBLE! (without Christ)"  One minute I'm on fire with my faith, and the next thing I know, I'm burned out (like all I want to do is just sleep the whole day and isolate myself from everyone!) I may be so enthusiastic today in giving encouragement to someone, tomorrow, I might be the one in need of that encouragement.

In a few years that I have been in a relationship with Jesus, I learned to accept that reality. I guess it's His way of reminding me that everything is by His grace alone. That includes my faith in Him. What I love about Jesus is that I can totally be honest to Him to the point where I tell Him that, "Lord, honestly, I don't even feel like praying right now... I just feel so broken, I know that only you can fix me.." And just like that, an S.O.S prayer (sometimes it's even half-hearted), and He does makes a way to Steady My Heart! -- Always!

Today is one of those days. I felt like I was just dragging myself while reading the devotion in #SheReadsTruth. So after reading, I just prayed my S.O.S prayer, and the Lord showered His grace upon my faith through this video and through the song that He always, always use to comfort me! -- Steady My Heart.

(Thank God for using Kari Jobe as an instrument to encourage me today!) 

And then He spoke these Words of comfort to my heart...

 Thank you Jesus for always being there to Steady My Heart
Always healing me of my affliction, and always keeping my feet on solid ground!