My Favorite Penpal

His name is Jorge. Our journey began when he became my World Vision sponsored child four years ago. He was only 5 years old then and in Pre-School. When I decided to sponsor him, I was still single back then, and was working in a Call Center. Four years have passed, and as I look at his pictures, I find great joy to see how much he has grown! He's now 9 years old and in 4th Grade.

Jorge is such as sweet child. His letters never fail to melt my heart every time. We talk about so many things in our exchange of letters. Sometimes my heart breaks when he shares how he feels growing up without a mom. I also tell him how much I long to have our own baby too. In one of his letters, (I think he was only 7 years old then) he asked if he could be my baby while we don't have a baby of our own yet... That letter burst me into tears! My favorite part of our penpal journey is when I see his penmanship evolve: from print to cursive, from pencil to ball pen. I also love when he sends me his artworks and Christmas cards as well! 

There are seasons in my life when I get so caught up with the challenges of my own life. Life isn't always easy. But whenever I read Jorge's letters, I am always humbled by this young boy's gratitude. How his heart overflows with joy by just receiving a T-Shirt (as a Christmas and Birthday Gift) because he didn't have any new clothes to wear for their Christmas party and couldn't even join the exchange gift. How that Noche Buena package made his family's Christmas Eve very special. How this little boy could see the very hand of God working in his life despite undergoing an operation without a mother on his side, despite not having the luxury that other children have, despite the simplicity of his life in his small village in Aklan. Whenever I read his letters, I ask myself... How could I ever complain with what God has given to me.

I'm sharing this because I want people to know the joy of being a World Vision Child Sponsor and to encourage others so they may experience it too! One doesn't have to be rich to help change a child's future. With just 600php a month, you can help send a child to school and begin a wonderful journey with him/her... and as your journey continues, your heart and life is changed as well.

Christmas Cards & Letters from Jorge
Replying to his letter today :)