One Thing Remains

As I repeatedly sang these lines from the song One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture, I couldn't help but recall who I was before I met the Lord. I was in the height of my sinful life back then. I was in the middle of an empty pursuit of pleasure, countless heartbreaks, and pointless struggle. But God, in His Unfailing Love, never gave up on me. He pursued me when I kept running away. He never condemned me, but embraced me, He offered forgiveness and new life... and just like that, my life was never the same again.

Oh, but how often do I forget. When His answer to my prayers is to Wait. How I am tempted to doubt His goodness when I get another negative pregnancy test result after years of waiting... when I lost the heartbeat of the first and only life that I've ever held in my womb... when so many dreams are yet to be fulfilled... when a voice at the back of my head tells me that God is withholding good things from me...

"O Israel, hope in the Lord,
for with the Lord there is Unfailing Love..."
- Psalm 130:7a  [NLT, Emphasis mine]

As the song says, One Thing Remains -- His Love Never Fails. I can put my hope in Him, in His Word, His Promises.. because His Love Never Fails.  No matter how dark and cold the night may be -- the waiting season, like a watchman, I can be sure that the morning will come.. because His Love Never Fails. And even if there are times when I am tempted to doubt His goodness... when the night feels long and endless... still, His Love Never Fails. 

The same Love that pursued me when I was wandering in my empty life, is the same Love that holds me together as I wait... until the morning comes... and throughout the endless forever... because His Love for Me Never Fails.

My personal devotion on today's SheReadsTruth Reading -- Psalm 130.