Open Your Bible -- Wrap Up!

If you are like me in the past, this is the way I read my Bible: Randomly open a page. Mini-mini-minimo a verse. Read the verse where my finger lands and think of how I can relate it to myself. If I can't relate it to my current situation, I close it, and try again tomorrow! I know many of you can relate! Well, there were days when the verse that pops up was just exactly what I needed, but I found out that reading the Bible this way is not always advisable, in fact, it's dangerous because of the risk of (mis)interpreting the verses out of context (I've done it many times!). I am so thankful for online resources that helped me grow in the way I read and study the Word of God!

This is what you will see when you open the first page of my Bible. I wrote this sometime ago after watching Beth Moore's teaching entitled: "Approaching God's Word". This video has been a huge help to me! Beth helped me realize that much of the dryness or fruitfulness of my quiet time and Bible reading depends in the way I approach the Word of God. I wrote it in my Bible, and I refer to it everytime I open it.

Two weeks ago, #SheReadsTruth started a plan entitled: Open Your Bible. This is like the more detailed version of what I've learned from Beth Moore's video. We just finished the study today and I couldn't be more thankful to the SRT team for all their efforts to help women like us to fall in love with God through reading, studying, and meditating His Word -- everyday. I am sharing my journal pages as a reference to other women who were not able to join us during the 14-day study (you can still do so if you like, click here).

Hope these help you change the way you read and study God's Word, so you can also experience the incredible presence of God in your Bible reading times! Let the Word God sink into your heart, and I promise, your life will never be the same again! :)







 ...if “she reads Truth” in the morning, the rest of her day can be lived in freedom as a thirst-quenched daughter who is fresh from an encounter with her God—with the God of the Universe. -- #SheReadsTruth

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  1. I love your journaling style, it really brings the info and ideas out into focus. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog by following a hashtag. :-) where do you get your unlined journals?


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