Precious to God

It's been a while since I last updated this blog and so many things have happened in my life during the last few months. I regret that I wasn't able to write blog posts about them, I must admit, I haven't got the passion to write lately. 

So it's advent, and my schedule just got crazier... but today, I found some time to finally slow down so I'm writing  a post just to catch up a little bit. During this season, it's easy to get caught up with the pressure of the holiday rush, the colorful details, and our own Christmas longings. I myself have experienced those longings last year, longings that seemed to punch a hole in my chest... a longing magnified as I see those things that I've been hoping for, wishing for, praying for just happening for everyone else around me... except for me. It's not easy, to fight the temptation to envy, to self-pity, to get depressed...  it's easier to just let those longings steal the joy of Christmas, to be ungrateful, to be a cynic... I've decided that this year, it's not going to happen to me again. 

"Anybody can be a cynic. Cynicism is laziness in every way. The real heroes are the ones who never stop looking for the possibility of joy." -- Ann Voskamp

This is God's greatest lesson to me last year: "I can choose to be joyful regardless of the seasons and circumstances in my life."  Comparison always steals joy, and thanksgiving always magnifies God. The greatest antidote to self-pity and depression, is to reach out and serve others.

Last November 30, Mike and I, together with our Single's Discipleship Group organized a Christmas Party and Outreach Program for a selected number of PWD children in Bangkal, Makati. It was such an incredible experience to be able to sit in the front row and just watch how God reaches out and provides for these children that He dearly loves. How He touched the hearts of people to give... His ways of flooding these children and their families with His blessings, it's just amazing!

What pierced my heart is to see the smiles in the faces of these children. These children, who, despite of their disabilities find reasons to be joyful. It's very heart warming to hear how appreciative they were for these simple program, gifts and food that we have prepared for them. I think of how God's heart overflows with joy when He hears His children thank and appreciate His everyday gifts, and how much His heart breaks when they grumble, complain, and reject His gifts (Ouch! This convicts me to the core!)

God can use anyone to accomplish anything for His Kingdom. And as I recall my sins, my imperfections, my weaknesses, my ingratitude, my ugly heart, Mike and I's struggles in our marriage as we were preparing for this outreach... I ask myself, how God can use us... ordinary, undeserving people to accomplish His purpose and will. How He chose to use us to be His hands and feet to let these children feel that they are not forgotten.. that they are Precious to Him... And the answer is simple... Grace.

Sharing this short video as a remembrance from this event. Enjoy!
All Glory, Honor, and Praises belongs to God alone!