A Christmas Longing

Sometimes, it is during this season when the things that we lack in our lives magnify. There's a certain pain in the chest when you see that your friends or relatives have what you don't or what you've been longing and praying for, for so long. Material things such as gadgets, expensive clothes etc... or it maybe the huge house where the family reunion was held, for some it maybe the kind of food that other families shared during the Noche Buena, or a loved one that won't be joining the celebration this year. For me, it's the children running around insanely not knowing which present to open first... How that kind of longing steals the joy of the season.

We've been so busy the last two days before Christmas and the Christmas day itself that I didn't have the time to spend some quality moment with the Lord. And that was it, it has always been that way. Whenever I turn my eyes away from Jesus, I feel that longing... the feeling of not having enough and everything that I felt was lacking in my life magnifies. The day after Christmas, finally, I had the chance to sit down quietly and pour out my heart before Him. As always, when I focus my eyes again upon His face, everything else shrinks down, blurs... and I see Him alone. Magnified. And just like that everything turns back to its proper place. I know, I have Enough. He is enough... In the first place, the Truth is... Christmas is enough.

He invites us to come to Him as a lowly, despised, shepherd with nothing to offer to Him but our hearts. A heart that is ready to receive Him, His gifts. A heart that is ready to witness His glory. Focusing my eyes on Him lets me see the gifts that He has already given... my life, my husband, my family... my relationship with Him. Above all, His gift of eternal life... my heart overflows with gratitude.

My Christmas this year. :)
I'd love to read how you spent yours. :)