My Christmas Miracle

My very first Jesse Tree is almost finished. But no, the season isn't over yet... and I know God's miracle still continues to unfold as His big day arrives. But I can't help but to write how His presence overwhelmed me today. After a whole week of my emotional roller coaster with the Lord, and after I have just divulged it in my blog entry last night, I woke up today with such a calm spirit. Nannette (Candacejo) and Deirdra's comments were used by the Lord to speak to my heart along with other sisters in Christ who have shared the same struggle and prayed with me.

Through today's SRT Devo, the Lord made me realize that I have been living in guilt and fear the last few days. The enemy has used this fear to hinder me from doing the works that God has called me to do. Yes, the Lord has brought me to the wilderness, to speak tenderly to my heart. It was also in the wilderness where God allowed John the Baptist to live all his life to make his spirit strong before he was sent to minister to Israel. I feel that today, the Lord is calling me to go back and do the work that He has prepared me to do beforehand (Ephesians 2:10), this time, with a weaker flesh, and a stronger Spirit -- dependent on HIM ALONE.

Luke 1:74-75 "...That we being delivered from the hand of our enemies might serve Him WITHOUT FEAR in HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS before Him all our days.

It is His will for me to serve Him all the days of my life. And He gave me gifts to use for the Glory of His Kingdom, and not to keep them, not to shrink with them in fear of making a mistake. Yet, in His goodness, He consecrates me through these emotional tests and trials so I may serve Him in Holiness and Righteousness.

"The miracle of Christmas is that you get more than proof of God's existence. You get the experience of God's presence." - Ann Voskamp (Day 20 - "The Greatest Gift" Advent Devotional).

I mentioned in my previous post that I started this month praying for Him to make this Advent Season a meaningful one... My first Christmas to really focus on Him, the real reason for the season and not on the rush of the world. Just when I thought I've lost it, He meets me right where I am. He taught me to let go of the weight and the need to perform... He taught me to rest in Him... To wait with Him... This is my Christmas miracle, to feel  Jesus removing the heaviness in my heart and replacing it with His weightless grace...

"Open your heart to the miracle of grace. He will prepare your heart for the coming of the Lord." - Ann Voskamp