He Surprises!

A month ago, I received an email from a lovely woman from instagram, her name is Sheila. In her email she said that the Lord was leading her to bless me with the Jesus Calling Devotional Book by Sarah Young. I was so excited because it was my first time to ever receive that kind of email from someone that I haven't personally known. We've also had a few chitchats and I was really happy to find a new sister in Christ through her.  After the last email that I sent, she was not able to email me back to confirm if she was able to mail the book to the address that I gave her. Few weeks have passed, and I haven't heard from her, so I thought that maybe she became busy, or that maybe something happened. I didn't want to send her an email to follow up because I was shy to ask, and I knew that God knows the perfect plan. Still, I continued to pray every night for The Jesus Calling Devotional Book.

A few weeks later, another sweet and kind woman, a SheReadsTruth sister, named Amy, messaged me to let me know that she wants to bless me with another book that I have also been praying for. (This is going to be a different story, and I will share it on my next blog post). I was again very surprised! Amazed by how the Lord touches the hearts of people to meet our needs -- even from across the ocean! Amy confirmed to me that she already mailed the book, and I was very, very excited!

In less than a week after she sent the package, I received a notification from the post office that they don't deliver international parcels door-to-door. Because of some Customs procedure, I have to pick it up personally. Due to my husband's schedule and a holiday, I had to wait for 6 days so he can drive me to the post office. Believe me, it was the longest 6 days of my life! :)

So Monday night, I messaged Amy to inform her that I am picking up her package the following morning. This morning, my husband was as excited as I was when we approached the window that will release my package.

To my excitement after I got the package, I didn't even check the sender's name and address (even as I was holding it in this picture). I didn't even want to open it there.

 We were almost at the exit door when I noticed that the sender's return address was Oklahoma! The package that I was expecting was supposed to come from Tennessee!

Then I immediately remembered Sheila, the woman who wanted to bless me with the Jesus Calling Devotional. I was really speechless and in awe by how the Lord moves! He surprised me today! (Well, He made me, so He knows how much I love surprises!) :) That means that I should be expecting another package to arrive anytime this week, the one from Amy!

On our way home, I can't get over of what just happened. I felt like the Lord has given me a big hug today. He knows my heart. He knows that there are times when I am tempted to doubt if He really wants to give me the desires of my heart especially when I feel that there are so many big prayers that I've been waiting for Him to answer. Today, I feel like He wants to tell me, that He doesn't want to withhold any good thing from me. As long as what I ask of Him is according to His will, I don't have to doubt if He would want to give it to me, all I have to do is ask. I am His daughter, and He delights in granting the things that would make me happy, whether big or small. I just need to trust that He will only give me what He knows is good for me -- at the moment. My Jesus, you are such a sweet, loving Father. 

Thank you Father! 
Thank you for using Sheila as an instrument to make me feel your love today! 
May you return this blessing to her a hundred and thousand folds!
To HIM be all the Honor, Glory, and Praises!

"But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!" - John 15:7