God is Fighting For Us!

Yesterday was a long day of emotional roller coaster ride! The day just didn't start right (including my quiet time) and the rest of the day felt heavy for both me and my husband. Mike has been thinking of so many things lately, and he was irritable the whole day. I usually give him space whenever that happens, I know my husband isn't perfect and I understand that the responsibilities that he is facing right now are not easy. However, yesterday I wasn't like that. My pride crept into me, and my ugly heart dominated me with impatience. I didn't verbally disrespect Mike, but my thoughts did! No matter how I prayed from time to time, I felt like drowning in my emotions and I couldn't grasp for air!

It was late afternoon when it dawned upon me that this isn't just an ordinary emotional struggle. It was an overwhelming spiritual attack! And what's the best thing to do in the middle of a spiritual battle and feeling defeated (both my husband and I), but to call for reinforcements! As soon as I identified the attack, I sent a text message to my sisters in Christ asking them to pause and pray for me and Mike. I played the song "In Jesus Name" by Darlene Zscech and this part of the song gave me goosebumps:

"God is fighting for us! Pushing back the darkness!
Lighting up the Kingdom that cannot be shaken!
And we will shout it out, shout it out! "

In less than 5 minutes after I did these, I received replies that my sisters were praying for us, and suddenly, my husband who hasn't spoken to me almost the whole day approached me with a gentle tone, wept, and apologized for the way that he has acted the whole day. My hard, proud heart, melted at that moment. We prayed together, rebuking the enemy attack IN THE NAME OF JESUS, and we soon started to feel God's peace in our hearts! Never underestimate the Power of Prayer and especially the Power of an Army of Prayer Warriors!

I was reminded from that experience that the spiritual battle should never be taken lightly. I should continuously be aware especially now that the Lord has entrusted a flock of His sheep for me and Mike to disciple. He (the enemy) will not just watch as we harvest souls for God's Kingdom, he will always be in opposition and our marriage will be his number one target. We should surrender to Him every aspect of our lives, everyday in prayer! Wear the FULL ARMOR OF GOD first thing in the morning! Above all, I should always have faith that GOD is still STRONGER than any principality in the unseen world!

God is fighting for us! He has always been! Even during the time when I didn't know Him yet! He fought for me! He pursued me even when I was still running away from Him! He set me free from slavery! He set my feet on solid ground... and I know He will always protect me!