Love Vouchers for Mike

This year's Valentine's Day for husband and me has been simple, yet very special. At around 12 midnight of February 14, Mike surprised me with a set of colored pens that I've been wanting to have. I was so happy that he chose these pens as a gift to me instead of flowers or chocolates (like he used to do in the past), not that I didn't want them, it's just that I've been praying for these Staedler Pens and I felt really special that even if I was a bit grumpy the day before, the Lord used Mike to answer my prayer! So sweet!

So what was my Valentine's Gift to him? Being a stay home wife and having no chance to go to the mall and buy something, I had to think of a way to do what I can with what I have and still make sure that he will feel very special that day. So with some ideas from Pinterest, God's grace of creativity and passion for using Photoshop, and ample alone time at home, I created my personalized Love Vouchers for him!

Mike's love language has always been "Acts of Service", so I figured out that there's no way that he's not going to like this gift! I've listed down all the things that he loves me doing for him and I've decided that I'm going to pamper him that day! And so I did, and he was so happy!

I'm guessing that his favorite of all the vouchers that he availed was the "Whole Day Internet Break for Misce - Unlimited Attention To You Only" ... Haha! It was the most challenging for me! But nothing compares to the joy of letting him know how special he is and making him feel that next to the Lord, he is the most important person in my life and he deserve the best of my time, energy, effort, and love. This is my way of expressing my gratitude to God for giving me a husband like him. :)