God is Light

I remember how my husband was not comfortable in opening the curtains of our sliding glass window. Our curtains are thick and dark colored that we have no idea what's happening outside the four corners of our condo unit when it's closed. For years, we've lived this way, only the fluorescent lights illuminates our little home. Until towards the last few weeks of 2013, my husband suddenly decided to open the curtains and finally let the sunlight in! I told him how happy I was for what he did and how seeing the sunshine, the blue sky and the clouds in our window refreshes my soul and increases my joy!

I was overwhelmed after reading today's #SheReadsTruth Devo! I am so astonished with how God, our Father of Lights! The Light Himself, refreshes my soul all the time -- much, much better than the sunlight does! His glorious light illuminates my soul from inside out! I never have to hide, because nothing can be hidden from Him! There is no darkness in Him at all! He is pure, righteous, and Holy! His light guides my way! Never again will I ever walk in darkness! Never! Praise God! :)

"Light is painful to the eyes long accustomed to darkness. But soon the Light brings great joy for the soul perceives deliverance from the evils which it mourned." - C.H. Spurgeon