This morning I started the day feeling defeated. Actually, I've been feeling this way the last couple of days. I've been feeling lazy. I had no passion in doing the household chores. I haven't been exercising. I had no passion in doing productive things, I've fallen way behind my schedule in the tasks that I need to finish for our upcoming retreat. I feel like my flesh has been eating me up recently. And this morning, I slept while I was praying and reading my Bible. I didn't like this kind of feeling, it felt like I am spiraling down and I can't help myself to get back up.

Around noon time I exhaled a short prayer. I asked forgiveness from God and told Him how disappointed I've been feeling about myself. A few minutes later, my husband (who had no idea about the emotional battle that I was going through), played this song on youtube:

 Grace by Laura Story 

This was the first time that both of us heard this song. He said that he just randomly clicked a video on youtube and this was the song that came up. The chorus part of the song made me cry as I really felt that God was speaking back to me through it:

"I ask you: "How many times will you pick me up,
When I keep on letting you down?
And each time I will fall short of Your glory,
How far will forgiveness abound?"
And You answer: "My child, I love you.
And as long as you're seeking My face,
You'll walk in the power of My daily sufficient grace."

I was just so speechless by how personal our God is. We speak to Him, even through a short (and lazy) prayer, and He speaks backs to us. He always speaks to us, we,'ll know it is Him... if we will just open our hearts to listen.