The Never Ending Hope

Dear Lord,

Today, as i finished reading the Book of 2 Kings, my heart was crushed with how Israel fell into the hands of the Babylonians. As I recall how you have set them free from their slavery in Egypt and brought them to Your Promised Land, it broke my heart to find out how they have abandoned you, and how they have brought themselves back into slavery. But through all of this Lord, I see both Your Holiness and Your Mercy. You remained faithful to them, forgiving them whenever a King rises up and lead them to repentance... only to fall back to the same sin over and over again. You have always warned them, and yet, they did not listen... so, true to Your Word, You have brought disaster upon them by giving them over to their enemies. 

Forgive our generation Lord, for I see how we are repeating the same mistakes that the Israelites have done. We have abandoned your commandments and followed our own ways. We have bowed down and sacrificed to the gods of materialism, pride, and self-centeredness. And just like them, no matter how many times we try on our own to make it right before you, we always fall back to the same sin over and over again. We are hopeless people, in need of Your mercy and grace.

Lord, this is the part that really brought me to tears tonight, the last few verses closing the Book of 2 Kings:

Despite your anger, and in the midst of the punishment that Your people so justly deserve, You have caused the King of Babylon to grant favor to King Jehoiachin -- releasing him from prison and providing for all his needs. In the midst of Your wrath, You remained faithful to Your covenant with David. And I can't stop thinking that at that very moment, the moment when You preserved David's Royal Line, the lineage of my Messiah, You were also thinking about me, my place with You in eternity! I couldn't explain how I felt when I read the name "Jehoiachin" in Christ's genealogy (Matthew 1:12) ! Truly, even in Your Holy anger, Your faithful love for us remains!

Thank You! Thank You! For the way that You love us! Thank You that nothing can separate me from Your love! I am in tears right now, because as I am writing this, I hear Your still, small voice, telling me:

"You were in my mind the whole time I've granted that favor to Jehoiachin."

Lord! You are Holy! Just! Meciful! Forgiving! And filled with Unfailing Love! I am so speechless and in awe of Your Sovereign Power throughout the history of humanity! You never left us hopeless in this dark, fallen, world! You secured our place with You in eternity through Your Son Jesus Christ. I am forever grateful! I can't wait to see You face to face one day when I come home to be with You in Heaven.

Your Precious Princess,