What These Molds Cannot Destroy

My battle with the molds in my house isn't over yet. After crying over my guitar case and amplifier that Mike decided to get rid of (Read my previous post here), these molds once again destroyed one of my beloved things... the cover of my 2013 journal.

Why is this such a big deal for me? The year 2013 has been my sweetest year with the Lord so far. It was the year when God clearly revealed His purpose in my life, the year when I have decided Who I am going to live for, for the rest of my life. It was the year when God blew me away and made me fall on my knees in awe of His amazing love! It was the year when through all of our struggles, Mike and I have witnessed the marvelous miracles of God in front of our very eyes! It was the year when Mike and I have learned to anchor our faith in the goodness of the Lord no matter how our circumstances look like... even up to now, when trials try to shake our faith, it is the year that we always look back to. All of those stories, every single detail of it, along with every desperate prayer and tear, was written in this journal.

I have always dreamed of passing on my journals to my future children, and grand children, and great, great, great grandchildren... especially this one. I want them to know that the God who has been faithful throughout my life, is the same God who will always be faithful in theirs too. I write because I want to tell these stories to my children and to the many generations after them... My life, which includes all my flaws, my messes and my imperfections... isn't my story, it has always been God's story. It is the story of how God can turn an imprudent life, into a life filled with passion and purpose... the story of how God turned my ashes into beauty. I want my descendants to know that story firsthand from my very own handwriting.

The molds may have destroyed the cover of my 2013 Journal, but thankfully, I was able to save the pages. One day these pages (and all my other journals) in unforeseen circumstances may also be lost... but I will never stop writing God's story through my life... I will speak about it... I will sing about it to the generations after me. One day, my short life on earth will end, but God's testimony of faithfulness through my life will live on.

"Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation." - Joel 1:3

"Let each generation tell its children of Your mighty acts; let them proclaim Your power." - Psalm 145:4