Soaking In The River

Due to irregular sleeping time, I've been struggling with my quiet time with God the last few days. In my prayer yesterday morning, I told Him "Lord, I've missed experiencing Your overwhelming presence and learning new things from You through Your Word."

Last night, I had this dream. In my dream, Ate Evelyn (my cousin) and I were standing at this very huge tree.. this tree has very huge and strong roots that were soaked in a flowing river. As we were talking, I shared to her that this tree reminds me of Psalm 1:1-3. I fell in love and held on to these verses during a difficult season in my marriage.

A woman soaked in the Word of God will always bear fruit even in difficult seasons. Her leaves doesn't wither even when exposed to extreme heat because her roots are soaked in what she knows about God -- His goodness, His faithfulness, and His promises. Jesus, the living water.

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. Amazed by how God answered my prayer by speaking through my dream... reminding me of the joy I've always had meditating on His Word and reminding me of the importance of putting my daily quiet time with Him on top of my priority.